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We are established in 2014, JSI Export Groups are one of the best and leading manufacturer with different range of products over various portfolio from their own manufacturing units in India. We are reliable and trustworthy export company in Tamilnadu who has their own dedicated clients globally. It is situated in Chennai (formerly known as Madras) is the capital city of the Indian state of Tamilnadu. We takes pride in quality and commitment which is the key to giving value for our customers and always your trusted partner for your success !

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We are into the manufacturing of eco friendly products which does not make any harmful to the environment as it our duty to make our earth green.

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We Supply The Best Eco Friendly Products

As of now, some people do not see the harm we do to our planet due to chemical inorganic products, but life is changing bit by bit. There is global warming because of the chemicals intoxicating the Earth. Fortunately, there are still people who care enough to fix things and make them better. JSI Units are promoting eco-friendly products to try and contribute to saving our one world. Saves energy with costs less and low maintenance which improves our health without toxic to the nature. It help in diminishing the levels of carbon oxide to the atmosphere, hence prevention of climate change. Its time to heal our earth with green footprints. Please take your action today !

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organic manure fertilizer exporter

we are having very best business methodologies that play a great role in our success with quality production. In this span, we have gained a long list of satisfied buyers. we maintain transparent facilities at our unit, which means everyone at our base easily talk to the supreme management.

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JSI Export people with great knowledge on their products. they given their hands in all my scenarios and timely response in all time.
Mary Cynthia
It is a joy for me to work with such dedicated individuals. Rest assured if/when we need additional assistance in progressing this product you will be the first person we contact.
Joe Miller
Happy to work with JSI Group who supported lot in my shipment with my various changes in specification and proper drill down to the issues faced when stuck.
Joelle John
Nice working them with my expected quality and fulfilled their commitment. many ranges with best specifications of charcoal briquettes. really they supported me lot in my very first shipment with their great knowledge and ideas to my business.
Margaret Will
Compostable plastic garbage bags
We are all extremely happy with your service. We couldn't be happier with your method, and we loved to recommend JSI Leaf to few companies here that we know for bio compostable eco friendly bags.
Riswan Saleem

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