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JSI Groups is having upgraded technology. Very efficient & hard working employees & production staff. Best business methodologies that play a great role in our success. 

The Safest. Chemical-Free.

Eco-friendly, organic and chemical free products promote green living that help to conserve energy and also prevent air, water and noise pollution. They prove to be boon for the environment and also prevent human health from deterioration.

JSI manufacturing unit products are now available to end-consumers and to markets allowing everyone the chance to reduce their dependence on products that has higher carbon footprints, and commit to non-toxic, safe alternatives to plastic.

Zero Chemical

It's better for the environment.

Eco Friendly

Reduced carbon footprint

100% Organic

Heal our earth with green

Compostable plastobag


Bio Compostable Bags

We are producing biodegradable or 100% compostable eco friendly plastic free bags from our JSI Leaf manufacturing units located in Chennai. We customize to your needs as your want. We offer huge varieties products which made from natural extract. 

vermi compost manure manufacturer and exporter in india


Vermicompost Fertilizer

Our JSI Vermi Farm is a vermicompost manufacturer cum exporter in India. Our process for manufacturing Vermicompost is designed in a manner to produce the highest premium quality fertilizer.


charcoal briquettes

With the current growing trend of barbeques and private camping the need for coconut shell charcoal briquettes ignited the flame for us to start manufacturing JSI Briquettes which are completely eco-Friendly, by utilizing the renewable resource-coconut shells as its main raw material which makes it stronger and burn longer than standard charcoal.

Compostable plastics are the next generation of plastics- they come from renewable materials and break down through composting. Instead of using plastic made from petrochemicals and fossil fuels, compostable plastics are derived from renewable materials like corn, potato, and tapioca starches, cellulose, soy protein, and lactic acid. Compostable plastics are non-toxic and decompose back into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass when composted.

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